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Device name:DOK-M
Project name:RESONANCE
Space probe:RESONANCE
Space launcher:Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat
Launch date:2027?
Pericentre [km]:500
Apocentre [km]:27375
Inclination []:63,41
Orbital period:8 h

The project RESONANCE is a magnetospheric space exploration mission dedicated for advanced study of the wave particle interactions in the Earth's magnetosphere. Earth's magnetosphere, as natural resonator for many types of electromagnetic waves, is a place where electromagnetic waves efficiently interact with charged energetic particles via cyclotron resonance. The project RESONANCE is conducted by Space Research Institute (IKI-RAN) in Moscow, Russian Federation.

The DOK-M is a scientific space device dedicated for charged energetic particles temporal and energy sampling on board of two cooperating spacecraft of the RESONANCE project, presently under development at laboratories of IEP-SAS. The DOK-M is a joint international scientific space project of IEP-SAS, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece and Space Research Institute (IKI) in Moscow.

The DOK-M spectrometer is equipped with four passive cooled silicon solid state detectors, two of them are dedicated for detection of the energetic ions, another two detect the energetic electrons. The device is powered from 27 V onboard power distribution and communicates with onboard telemetry system by 125 kbps serial link.

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