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Device name:DOZIMET.
Project name:SK1-DOZIMETRIA
Space probe:MIR
Space launcher:SOYUZ
Launch date:20.02.1999
Pericentre [km]:324
Apocentre [km]:352
Inclination [°]:51,6
Orbital period:91,6 min

The project SK-1/Dosimetry is a part of the project ŠTEFÁNIK, the mission of Slovak astronaut Ivan BELLA to the orbital station MIR in February 1999.

The project is very close related to IEP-SAS traditional research of the nuclear component of the space radiation by passive nuclear emulsions. When exposed to the space radiation, the stack of solid-state polymer foils permanently records the traces of high-energy nuclei penetrating through the polymer material. The emulsions are then processed and evaluated at laboratory condition.

Historically older expositions of IEP-SAS emulsions were provided by the recovery modules of the COSMOS-serie satellites, starting with INTERCOSMOS-6 (1972).

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