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Device name:PEEL
Project name:HotPay-2
Space probe:sound. rocket
Space launcher:Moraba-S30 + Orion
Spaceport:Andoya, Norway
Launch date:31.1.2008 / 19:14:00 UTC
Pericentre [km]:0
Apocentre [km]:380.6
Inclination []:7 to zenith
Orbital period:600 sec

Project HotPay is a Norwegian sounding rocket mission to atmosphere and ionosphere organized by Andoya Rocket Range ARR and associated ALOMAR Observatory under the 6th EU Framework Programme.

The project consists of two sounding rocket experiments, the HotPay-1 (summer launch), and HotPay-2 (winter launch). The full name of the project is: ALOMAR eARI (enhanced Access to Research Infrastructure), the Rocket Launch opportunity is called "HotPay Services".

The PEEL experiment (Precipitation of Energetic Electrons at high Latitude ) has been developed at DSP-IEP-SAS in cooperation with Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, Greece and Andoya Rocket Range for sounding rocket HotPay-2.

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