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Device name:SERENA / PICAM
Project name:BepiColombo
Space probe:BepiColombo
Space launcher:Ariane 5
Launch date:20-OCT-2018
Pericentre [km]:var
Apocentre [km]:var
Inclination [°]:var
Orbital period:var

The project BepiColombo is a planetary exploration mission dedicated for advanced study of the planet Mercury, conducted by European Space Agency ESA and Japanese Space Agency JAXA.

Development of PICAM is conducted by Space Research Institute IWF (Institut für Weltraumforschung) in Graz, Austria, in wide international collaboration with many renomed laboratories of space research.

PICAM will provide the mass composition, energy and angular distribution of low energy ions up to 3 keV in the environment of planet Mercury.

The Department of Space physics IEP-SAS contributes to PICAM construction in the frame of scientific-technical cooperation with STIL-NUIM, Maynooth, Ireland.

Some Slovak industrial companies are also contributing as subcontractors to PICAM construction. The Q-Products company is acknowledged by PICAM team for precision manufacture of mechanical parts on 5-axis CNC centre and by laser technology.

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