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ASPECT-L - Specification

Weight:    3 kg
Dimensions:    220 mm x 180 mm x 100 mm
Power consumption:    3 W
Number of detectors:    4
Detector type:    Surface barrier (ORTEC).
Detector active area:    25 mm2
Depleted layer thickness (ions):    100 micrometers
Depleted layer thickness (electrons):    500 micrometers
Field of view (ions):    tbd°
Field of view (electrons):    tbd°
Geometrical factor (ions):    tbd
Geometrical factor (electrons):    tbd
Energetic range (ions):    20 keV - 4 MeV
Energetic range (electrons):    20 keV - 400 keV
Number of energetic channels (ions):    64
Number of energetic channels (electrons):    64
Spacecraft spin rate:    tbd s
Data rate in Storing mode:    tbd Mbit / day
Data rate in Burst mode:    tbd Mbit/day

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