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Device name:DOK-1
Project name:INTERSHOCK
Space probe:PROGNOZ-10
Space launcher:MOLNYA
Launch date:26.04.1985
Pericentre [km]:421
Apocentre [km]:200520
Inclination []:65
Orbital period:96 h 25 m

The Spectrometer of energetic particles DOK-1 has been developed and constructed at DSP-IEP-SAS for experiment INTERSHOCK dedicated particularly for study of the magnetospheric bow shock. The device contained 6 detectors organized to 3 pairs. Each pair involved one electron and one ion detector. An improved separation of the electrons and the ions was performed by penetration foils on electron detectors together with broom magnets on the ion detectors. The strong SmCo magnets provided deflection of the light electrons from the field of view. Each detector pair has had different angular orientation against the spacecraft spin axis, the overall angular resolution was provided by sampling over the spacecraft spin. Thanks to heliocentric orientation of the PROGNOZ-10 spacecraft, the DOK-1 installed of the shadow side, employed a passive cooling of the detectors. Thus a 10 keV energy threshold could be provided. The detector head and the electronic box of the device were mechanically connected to the compact unit, however, an efficient thermal insulation (MLI) provided low temperature of the sensor part while the electronic box was kept on an optimal temperature by a heat transfer from the spacacraft body.

The DOK-1 spectrometer operated successfully over entire lifetime of the PROGNOZ-10 satellite (7 months) and delivered plentitude of valuable scientific data.

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