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Device name:DOK-S /3
Project name:INTERBALL-X
Space probe:MAGION-4
Space launcher:MOLNYA-M
Launch date:03.08.1995
Pericentre [km]:371
Apocentre [km]:193000
Inclination [°]:65
Orbital period:92 hod

A characteristic feature of the satellite measurements is an intrisic ambiguosity of measured physical data, caused by the movement of the spacecraft along its orbit (e.g. 7.9 km/s on LEO). As the registered time variations of particle flux is caused by superposition of the time and the spatial structure, to distiguish them, a correlated multi-satellite measurement is necessary.

Experiments of this kind with DSP-IEP-SAS participation involved the ACTIVE, APEX, INTERBALL-X and INTERBALL-A, where the main satellite was allways followed by the MAGION microsatellite. The DOK-S was developed and constructed specifically for MAGION-type microsatellites in the cooperation between DSP-IEP-SAS and former Department of Radioelectronics of Technical University in Košice (presently KEMT-FEI-TU ).

The device includes two pairs of detectors, one is oriented in parallel with the microsatellite spin axis, another is perpendicular. The DOK-S operates with the 80C85 microprocessor that provides parallel service for registration electronics as well as for command and data interface. The device includes also an electronic module that is built-in into the spacecraft structure.

The DOK-S was first launched on board of the MAGION-2 microsatellite in the frame of ACTIVE project (1989), another three models of the device were launched to space on board of the microsatellites MAGION-3, MAGION-4 and MAGION-5.

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