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Device name:MEP-2
Project name:Spectrum-R
Space probe:Radioastron
Space launcher:Zenit-2/Fregat-SB
Launch date:18.7.2011
Pericentre [km]:500-2000
Apocentre [km]:350000
Inclination []:51,6
Orbital period:8,3 days

The project SPECTRUM-RADIOASTRON of Russian Space Agency and Russian Academy of Sciences placed a radioastronomical telescope (diameter of 10 m) on the Earth's orbit for high sensitive VLBI astronomical observation in cooperation with ground radiotelescopes. Thus much longer base (350 000 km) was achieved than is possible on the Earth's surface, allowing much higher angular resolution for observations of the deep space radio-objects.

The scientific experiment MEP-2 (Monitor of Energetic Particles), developed and constructed at DSP-IEP-SAS in cooperation with Democritus University in Xanthi (Greece) and Space Research Institute ( IKI ) in Moscow, provides long-term registration of energy spectra and time variations of the energetic particle flux on board of the RadioAstron satellite.

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This work was supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the contract No. APVV-51-053805.

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