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Detector-spectrometer SLED-2 was designed specifically for the MARS-96 interplanetary mission to detect angular and energetic distribution of charged energetic particles on the Mars orbit.
 SLED-2, Enginering Model.
SLED-2, spare model (without the telescope sensors).
In the clean room...
Interplanetary space probe MARS-96 during the mission preparations. The SLED-2 is installed at the very end of the solar panel.
The launch campaign of the MARS-96 interplanetary space probe.
Transport, elevation and launch of the PROTON-K launcher with MARS-96 probe on board was performed without any problems.
Virtual model of the MARS-96 interplanetary probe. A tetrahedronic orientation of the four sensors of the SLED-2 (each pair has the same relative angle) required its installation on the end of the solar panel, to exclude any object of the probe from the SLED-2 field of view.
The MARS-96 probe on the orbit around the planet Mars. Artistic fiction.
 With SLED and Sputnik at 50th aniversary of the first space flight (IKI, November 2007).

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