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Device name:SONG-EM
Project name:CORONAS-F
Space probe:AUOS-Z
Space launcher:TSYKLON SL-14
Launch date:31.07.2001
Pericentre [km]:500
Apocentre [km]:500
Inclination []:82,5
Orbital period:95

The space device SONG (SOlar Neutron and Gamma-ray spectrometer) has been developed and constructed in the frame of cooperation between IEP-SAS and Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University (NIIJAF-MGU) for space project CORONAS-F.

The sensor part SONG-D has been delivered by NIIJAF-MGU and the Data processing unit SONG-M has been delivered by IEP-SAS.

The SONG-M provides registration of variety pulse signals from the sensor part of the SONG, the data processing, compression and formatting for two telemetry systems of the AUOS-Z space probe. In difference to its ancestor SONG-E, this variant has less telemetry outputs and registration processors were replaced by faster hardware circuitry.

The SONG device provides valuable science data about neutron and gamma-ray distribution in the Earth's vicinity that are currently processed and interpreted.

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